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Carrington Hollywood Academy of Dance

The Hollywood Academy of Dance has gained an enviable reputation locally for the professionalism of the school productions. Ample opportunities to perform are provided the students, including a summer show that is staged over 3 days every other year at a local theatre. Additionally, the Hollywood Summer Festivals is held at a local theatre in … Continued

Lighthouse Centre for the Arts

At the heart of our community and locally loved. We are a dynamic, vibrant place where people feel inspired, entertained, welcomed, and where artists and performers feel supported and empowered to do their best work. Lighthouse provides an exciting year-round programme of nationally acclaimed, high quality and diverse arts and entertainment from national, international, and … Continued


We’re Foundry. A space where you get to break out of the mold and work your own way, amongst your own business community. Founded to support a new, easier style of co-working, we exist to let you work to your fullest with a range of membership types and lengths, central locations in towns across the … Continued

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