April 24

Poole BID have confirmed their support of Dream Machines on Poole Quay after the landlords of two popular local pubs have stepped in to secure the continuation of the Tuesday evening event fondly known as ‘Bike night’ during summer 2024.

Due to BCP Council’s recent work focussed on setting a balanced budget for 2024/25, it required choices to prioritise their statutory obligations, and this has meant that whilst they did not cancel this event, their focus instead has been to work with the local businesses to facilitate a handover instead. This mantle was well and truly taken over by Anna Doyle from the Lord Nelson and Michelle Smith of Poole Arms to ensure that Bike Nights remained a key element in the Poole Quay events calendar.

These Tuesday night meets attract 100s of motorcycle enthusiasts and spectators from far and wide and turns The Quay into a vibrant location where bikers congregate to showcase their machines.

Thanks to the hard work of Anna and Michelle, they have secured this traditional weekly event throughout the summer evenings starting Tuesday 16th April from 5:30pm and anticipate that this will continue through to the end of September at the very least.

They said: “We felt that to lose such a longstanding event such as Bike Night amongst other events on the Quay would be a great loss to the whole community!

We have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to get support from local businesses along the Quay plus others in the area who don’t want to lose the event.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Phil Smith from BCP Council who has been involved with this event since the days of Poole Tourism, for his invaluable support and guidance. We would also like to thank all that have supported us with sponsorship to enable us to go ahead with this event.”

Headline sponsor and Poole BID Lead Jacqui Rock commented, “Whilst we have known for some months the likely constraints of the council and how we must consider a new way of working in anticipation of these uncertain times, we are over the moon that Anna and Michelle have so ably taken over the running of Bike Nights.  This clearly showcases their enthusiasm and how they and others of our business community work together to make things happen.”

“This has been no easy task. Having to actively seek sponsors, stall holders, bands, display bikes and volunteer marshals reflects the amount of work involved whilst also running their busy businesses and this is a testament to their drive and enthusiasm.”

“The Dream Machines event is great for bringing people together, fostering community spirit, and with the backing of all the sponsors, there’s potential for even greater success and impact in attracting locals and tourists alike while boosting the local economy and creating a vibrant atmosphere right along Poole Quay and the rest of Poole Town.”

It’s heartening to hear about communities coming together to preserve something they value, and Bike nights holds a traditional significance and can be an important gathering place for enthusiasts to share their passion for motorcycles whilst boosting local tourism. It is great to see the Poole Quay business community recognising the importance of such events and taking action to ensure their continuation.