The Natural Body cafe, is as it reads – A cafe for the body; All of our therapies and treatments are design to work with the body either mentally, physically or emotionally. As people we live in a demanding world which at times can have a detrimental effect on our health over time. The Natural Body Café offers numerous therapies to enhance your life and well being.

From simple pick me ups treatments such as manicures and pedicure to more dramatic therapies that work on your energy field and flow, internal and external health, Such as Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage, Reiki, Facial and Body skin therapies, with advise and understanding on how the body and mind works; giving you the tools to make much wiser and healthier choices within your life.

At the Natural Body Café we strive to use top quality products that are environmentally friendly, natural or organic where possible and will endeavour to help and improve our environment as we grow and improve ourselves.