Poole Business Improvement District (BID) is excited to announce tickets for the magnificent tallship ‘Galeon Andalucia’ arriving in Poole Quay on July 30th are now on available to purchase.

‘Galeon Andalucia’ is a captivating vessel, meticulously crafted as an accurate replica of 17th-century Spanish Galleons, which played pivotal roles in global trade and cultural exchange for over three centuries. Constructed using a blend of innovative techniques and traditional craftsmanship. ‘Galeon Andalucia’ serves as a floating museum, not just a full-size replica vessel, but a unique interactive exhibition ship with over six decks displaying the history of these vessels and the age in which they operated.

Supported by Poole Harbour Commissioners, the exhibition will provide a rare opportunity for visitors to explore the intricate details and storied past of ‘Galeon Andalucia’.  Built by the Nao Victoria Foundation at the Punta Umbria shipyard in Spain, the tallship has traversed over 70,000 nautical miles across the world’s oceans, participating in numerous cultural projects and engaging thousands of visitors at ports spanning four continents.

Tickets for the exhibition are available for July 31st to August 4th are available here