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Since Additional Restrictions Grants from Central Government have now ceased, we are working with High Street Heritage Action Zone and BCP Council with regards to forthcoming grants and support for business.

In these dynamic times, Poole BID remains steadfast in its commitment to bolstering local businesses. As the curtain falls on the Additional Restrictions Grants provided by the Central Government, a new chapter of support and opportunity opens through our collaborative efforts.

Embracing Change, Fostering Growth

The cessation of Additional Restrictions Grants marks a turningpoint, prompting us to explore fresh avenues of assistance for our valued businesses. Poole BID, in partnership with the High Street Heritage Action Zone and BCP Council, is actively engaged in charting a course that ensures your business’s resilience and prosperity

Forge Ahead With Confidence

Our dedication to your success remains unwavering. While the landscape may evolve, our commitment to fostering growth and sustainability remains unchanged. Through ongoing dialogues and partnerships, we’re diligently working to identify and secure forthcoming grants and support mechanisms, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of businesses within the Poole BID District. 

Together, we can navigate change, embrace innovation, and forge a future marked by resilience and triumph.

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